Examples of copywriting and content marketing

Below are examples of articles I’ve written for Cotswold Outdoor, the Met Office, the Ramblers, Child Soldiers International and others.


The Boy Who Escaped The Lord’s Resistance Army

For Child Soldiers International

Alex keeps secrets. Secrets from when he was a boy in northern Uganda. For twelve years his mother has been too scared to ask him about them. He was ten when he was abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), the armed group that has fought against the Ugandan government since the 1980s. He was alone by a river near his home when a strange man wearing ragged army fatigues grabbed him. A gun was put to his head. His hands were bound together and he was beaten. He disappeared for two years…

Read the full story on the Child Soldiers International website.



The Social Rejection Of Former Girl Soldiers

For Child Soldiers International

A third of child soldiers are estimated to be girls in DR Congo – some as young as four years old. Many are forced to fight and are sexually abused. And when they come home they’re often outcast. We interviewed them to find out why and what can be done.

One girl who was abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army told us: ‘I was given a uniform. They taught me how to use the weapons. I fought in several battles, attacking villages and abducting children.’

Read the full story on the Child Soldiers International website.



Children fight children in Afghanistan conflict

For Child Soldiers International

In Afghanistan’s increasingly brutal war, children are fighting on both sides. As well as accounting for almost a third of civilian casualties in the first half of 2016, children have been recruited by the security forces to conduct counter-insurgency operations, and by the Taliban and other armed groups to plant bombs, and even carry out suicide attacks…

Read the full story on the Child Soldiers International website.



A Hand Up, Not A Handout: How Entrepreneurs Eradicate Their Own Poverty

For RedR

Teaching a man to fish is all well and good until he moves to the city. Some 180,000 people around the world up sticks and move to urban areas every day. And what cities need are not fishermen, but entrepreneurs. Three quarters of the world’s poorest people live in cities. But how do you make entrepreneurs out of 750 million people?

Read the full story on the RedR website.



Pakistan floods, one year on: One man’s story of survival

For RedR

He picked up his children, whatever belongings he could manage and, helping his own mother and father too, ran towards a small mud hill behind the village. In just twenty minutes the floodwaters went from ankle height to head height.

Rain pelted down on them; it was still monsoon season after all. The tops of trees poked through the muddy waters at different intervals. They were literally on an island. The sun was unrelenting. And for days they perched there, marooned, like refugees in an overcrowded dingy in a storm…

Read the full story on the RedR website.



8 Unmissable Coastal Walks

For Cotswold Outdoor

The city is heating up and the daily commute is starting to boil over. There is only one thing to do: pick one of these stunning coastal walks, then head out to the cooling sea breeze and enjoy some of the most spectacular pieces of coastline in the world…

Read the full story on the Cotswold Outdoor website. 



50 Years Of The Pennine Way

For The Ramblers

Enshrined in Ramblers history, the Pennine Way was the brainchild of former Ramblers Secretary Tom Stephenson and offers the ultimate long distance walking challenge. It’s hard not to eulogise about this iconic path, often described as a walk that everyone should do once in their lifetime…

Read the full story on the Ramblers website.



Incredible UK Mountain Walks To Try This Summer

For the Met Office

Looking for some great hillwalking this year? Then try these incredible routes. These walks take you to some of the most stunning scenery in Britain. To make them super-easy to enjoy, every route comes with a printable OS map, full written directions, and – for the tech geeks – GPX downloads so you can follow the route on your smartphone…

Read the full story on the Met Office website.